Over the Counter Products vs Professional

A common question that emerges during a skin care session is, “What over the counter products can I purchase that are the same as the Skin Script products that you use here at Impulse?”

The answer is always going to be NONE!

Skin Script is a professional skin care line that is chirally correct. This means Skin Script products contain ingredients that work best with your skin for the greatest results. Your skin accepts these products without irritation and the active ingredients in the product will penetrate better than over the counter or DIY.

A few reasons why you should purchase Professional Skin Care vs Over the Counter:

  1. Over the counter products are made in large batches, so you are not able to know for sure how “fresh” the product is. Professional products are made in small batches to ensure you receive the best and freshest ingredients possible.
  2. Over the counter products are made of large molecules which causes the product to just sit on top of the skin. Professional skin care ingredients, like those in Skin Script, contain high levels of active ingredients that are made of small molecules that can penetrate the skin and actually treat a certain skin condition.
  3. Usually, over the counter products are pricey for what you get. Walk through any department store and you will see dozens of moisturizers for $100 or more! Skin Script is a reasonably priced professional skin care line that offers quality products. Most of the Skin Script moisturizers run $25-$50.

Spending hundreds of dollars for your skin care regime isn’t necessary. Book a free skin consultation today at Impulse and we can get you started with affordable, results oriented, PROFESSIONAL skin care products.