IPL Pigment Reduction

Did you know that the wrinkles and dark spots you see on your body today are caused by the damage we exposed ourselves to years ago when we weren’t as diligent with our sunscreen and taking precautions to stay out of the sun?  Over time, environmental damage and constant exposure to damaging UV rays begin to take their toll on skin.  One common form of damage, hyperpigmentation, occurs when the melanocytes in our skin (the cells that produce melanin, which determines our skin color), attempt to protect the skin by sending more melanin to the surface.  Other traumas to the skin such as acne scars, or small surface abrasions can also cause hyperpigmentation.

Unfortunately, pigmentation is permanent, but it can be significantly reduced with diligence and compliance of the skin care plan you and your esthetician create, clinical treatments, and most importantly, SUNSCREEN!

Hyperpigmentation can be treated at Impulse using a combination of our IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) for pigment reduction, regular facials and/or dermaplaning, as well as Skin Script products that have ingredients specifically designed for pigment reduction.

IPL treatments help reduce skin pigment by blasting the damaged areas with light and allowing the body to naturally remove the injured tissue, leaving a youthful appearance.  IPL pigment reduction is a fast, pain free procedure with little down time.  Clients report it feels like a quick, warm flash with a light pinch.  Most people need more than one treatment to see dramatic results, but remembe, a combination of treatments and appropriate skin care (plus SUNSCREEN) will bring about the BEST results.

During the months of January and February, we are offering 20% off all IPL Pigment Reduction treatments at Impulse.  (Price is based on the size of the treatment area.)  Not sure if IPL is right for you?  Book a complementary skin consultation and we can get you on the correct path to treating your skin care needs.

Progression after 1 Treatment of IPL for Pigment Reduction